Bold Hearing-Aid

Beltone Bold™ - The Power to hear

You don't have to compromise on your hearing. The Bold hearing aid is engineered and tuned to bring back the sounds of life. This digital design is especially effective if your hearing loss is considered is severe to profound. Additionally, it's been designed to provide you with maximum comfort during daily activities.

Comfort - Wear all day everyday

Beltone's Bold Hearing Aid Technology will give you the power needed to follow what's going on around you without distraction. The remarkable, Beltone Sound Shifter™, can make high frequency sounds, such as childrens voices or birds, much easier to hear. Adaptive Directionality™ and Speech Spotter™ options can help you to better haer conversations, even in noisy situations!

Built tough, to last

You need a hearing-aid made tough, to last, and the Beltone Bold is designed to stand up to your lifes demands. A robust hearing aid with a protective layer or shell, will shield it from water, moisture and perspiration. You can continue to enjoy your active lifestyle without worry. With it's increased lifetime, your hearing aid will give you years of trouble-free use and operation.

Get more, get the most

A Bold hearing Aid is strong, reliable and with your comfort in mind. If you're missing the sounds of life, Bold can help to bring them back. A hearing aid with high power and a sophisticated feedback management system will help keep you aware of everything that's going on around you.