Boost Hearing-Aid

Award Winning Power and Reliability

Beltone Boost hearing aid is designed for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. The Boost hearing-instrument is one of the most powerful hearing aids available today. It's comfortable and built to last. This hearing aid can help to reconnect you to the sounds and conversations you have been missing.

Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, Beltone Boost offers great power and more features than ever in a truly compact size. Learn more about our hearing aid styles.

Boost hearing aid - 2015 red dot award winner

Connect to iPhone and Android devices

Made for your life, Boost integrates with iPhone® and Android devices, and connects wirelessly, no adapter required. It's easy to use and you won't need to deal with additional cables.

Control your hearing aids through the Beltone HearPlus™ app

Powerful and comfortable boost hearing aid

  • Make changes to volume, settings and programs
  • Check the battery status
  • Locate a missing hearing aid, if they happen to be lost

Powerful and Reliable

Boost includes Feedback Eraser to make sure that you are getting clean, undistorted sounds. That means, you won't have to deal with whistling or buzzing caused by feedback.

Additionally, Boost hearing instruments include Sound Shifter™, which makes hard-to-hear high pitched sounds, like children's voices or birds singing, fuller and so you don't have to struggle to enjoy them.